Don't lose your money in China - Join my Course

After 10 years of buying experience from China
and Serving over 1.000.000 people, I've created the

'Safe Buying in China Secrets eCourse'

My mission is to create a safer internet.
That's why I give this course to the first 100 subscribers for just $ 47 (worth $ 197)

Subscribers: 93
Discounts left: 7 

This is how this course will help you to save your money

Your benefits from this course

  • You can save money by buying cheap products
  • You can buy from China and sell it with profit in your country
  • You can find any product you like and out stand your competitors
  • It's fun to do
  • You can find products you didn't know they excited
  • You can build your business

What you might lose without this course

  • You will lose your money on fake websites
  • Your products will never arrive
  • You get fake products but expected genuine brands
  • It's stressful, not knowing if your products will arrive
  • The products do not match the descriptions
  • You get broke because you were scammed

Must knows to be safe

  • Why you must become a confident online buyer
  • How you can benefit from buying in China
  • The fears and dangers of buying online
  • The basic steps to buy online safely

Find the best products

  • The myths of buying in China
  • Finding your shop
  • What brands can you buy?
  • Recognizing fake shops

Ship & Tracking

  • Different shipping methods
  • How fast will your parcel arrive?
  • Track and tracing your parcels
  • Avoiding hidden costs like duty and taxes

Safe Paying Methods

  • Different payment methods
  • Alternative for credit cards
  • Paypal guide
  • Credit/debet card guide

My mission is to create a safer internet.
That's why I give this course to the first 100 subscribers for just $ 47 (worth $ 197)

Subscribers: 93
Discounts left: 7 

Don’t lose your money on Chinese stores

Do you want to save money by buying directly from China. Do you want to get clothing and gadgets for affordable prices, without paying for the profits resellers make? But you don’t know where to start? And you are afraid you will be scammed online? Keep on reading, this eCourse can help you immensely!

  • Become confident in buying online in China.
  • Buy great gadgets and clothing for real affordable prices.
  • Know how to recognize and avoid fake sites!
  • Learn to avoid hidden extra costs lik duty or sales taxes
  • This eCourse covers it all and much, much more…

Is this e-course perfect for you?

Say yes:

  • If you want to save money by importing from China yourself
  • If you don't want to be scammed online
  • If you understand that knowledge is cheaper than a fake fraudulent Chinese store

By the end of the eCourse you’ll have all the knowledge how to buy online safely.
How to recognize great shops and how to avoid the fake shops.
How to find the best products for the best prices.

What can you expert from this course?

The Safe Buying in China Secrets – eCourse will guide you from a novice buyer into a confident safe buyer. A person who knows the ins and outs of online buying. A person who is confident in buying online, who knows where to buy and maybe more important: where not to buy.

  • You’ll learn to recognize legitimate stores and avoid the fake stores
  • You’ll learn all there is to know about the shipping process
  • You’ll learn which payment systems are safe to use and which to avoid
  • You’ll learn to have all variables in control during the buying process!

Subscribed: 93
Discounts left: 7